Your Minimalism Intention

April 10, 2020

As I mentioned in a previous post, minimalism isn’t a competition. It’s not about trying to one-up your friends or family regarding who can get rid of more or own less. And it’s not about shaming your friends or family who are perfectly happy just as they are.

It’s a methodology, a way of living, an intention or set of intentions, that supports the way you want to live your life.

And it’s extremely personal, with our intentions varying from one person to another.

I’m not about to tell you that you should only own one set of silverware per member of your household, or that your bookshelves should be bare or only contain the two most important books in your life, or that you should only wear one set of clothes for all occasions, from the gym to work to weddings and funerals.

But what I WILL tell you is to examine the reason that you’re currently reading this post. Are you currently feeling completely overwhelmed by clutter and you simply want to regain some control in your life and free up mental space? Or do you just feel like you have a little more than you need and use, and you’d like to free up the physical and mental space that you’d gain by eliminating those extra items? Or are you just curious, thought my site was pretty, and wanted to learn more?

Whatever the reason, welcome.

If you’ve already read about my journey then you’ll know that I was feeling overwhelmed, lacking mental space, and wanting to make a quick change that I could see immediately, one that would continue to reveal benefits as I continued to live my everyday life.

I knew I had extra stuff that I’d just been moving from place to place, always thinking I’d someday use the items, and that day never arriving. I knew that, at some point, I’d move again, and that it would be a lot easier to deal with the items right now than when I’m actually trying to organize a move. I knew that I was feeling a general sense of dis-ease, that a life change was needed, and that minimalism could very well be the answer.

It was worth exploring, and I’m soooooo glad that I took the chance. And by the way, I still have my full sets of silverware and dinnerware, as well many books and DVDs (which are another story entirely — they’re more difficult to part with).

What’s your intention? Are you buried in clutter, or ready to stop moving unused items from place to place, or tired of buying additional bins and totes to try to organize everything, or ready to save money and cut down on unnecessary shopping, or do you simply want a little more room to sit, and breathe, and just BE?

No matter what, we can get there together and I’d absolutely love to help. So, what’s your intention, and/or how can I help you figure out your intention(s)? Let me know below. And I promise you, you’re not the only one.

Megan Wallace

My name is Megan, and I've been a tech lover since the early 1980s when my mom brought home our first computer, an IBM PCjr. From the moment we started typing in programs out of the old BASIC magazine I was absolutely captivated and excited about how technology would shape our future.

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