Hi! I’m Megan Wallace, lover of tech, travel, cooking, reading, health & wellness, life hacks, cross-stitch, popcorn, and minimalism, among many other things. Cozy, comfortable spaces are my FAVORITE, as well as being surrounded by my favorite things and my favorite people.

I'm here to bring you all of my favorite things related to cooking, cooking gadgets, fitness, wellness, books, apps, life hacks, etc. (You get the idea.)

And why so many topics, you might ask? Well folks, I’m what Marie Forleo likes to call “multipassionate.” Also known as a multipotentialite, polymath, Renaissance person, Scanner, and Puttylike, depending on which book/blog you’re reading. Simply put, it means I have many (and wildly varying) passions, skills, and interests, and I refuse to be put in a box or labeled as one thing.

MeganWallace.com is my home base for all things me, and I’m excited to share it with you. I want this to be a community and an awesome resource for all the life-y things that you might need. Looking for the perfect meditation app? I got you. Looking for the perfect kitchen gadget for the job? I got you. Looking for any other number of things to make your life easier & more enjoyable? I. GOT. YOU. 🙂

And, as an added bonus & lover of minimalism, I also provide minimalism mentoring and decluttering and organization assistance. Minimalism isn’t about cold, monochrome spaces, little to no furniture, and eating soup with a fork because you gave all of your spoons away. (But if that’s your version of minimalism then you do you, buddy.)

Minimalism is about eliminating the excess in your life — the excess clutter, junk, stuff, whatever you consider excess in your life — to free up your mind and your life in order to truly live your life by your design.

I hope to provide inspiration and guidance to women who long for more of less. More life, less clutter. More living, less cleaning. More easy moving, less packing boxes. More creative whitespace, less worry. More money, less debt. Whatever your “more” and your “less” are, I’m here to help.

I'm here for the woman who is ready to take back both her home and her time, and truly live the life that she deserves, in the home that she deserves. (or no home at all, should she just wanna be mobile AF)

Have a question, need a recommendation, or want help decluttering? Shoot me a note!

So excited to get to know you, and thank you so much for being here!

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